Need Materials To Make Masks?

Here are organizations currently donating materials

Led by internationally renowned photographer and feminist Taslima Akhter, Bangladesh Garment Workers Solidarity is calling on clothing consumers in the West to stand in solidarity with the people who produce their clothes.  They are seeking $7835 to fund an ongoing educational program in garment workers' neighborhoods. 

Tonl√©, a women's ethical fashion brand, is raising money to support Cambodian garment workers through the crisis so the company can keep their workforce employed and continue to provide paid leave and cover medical costs. Funds will go directly to paying people for paid time off and sick leave.

Shimmy, a tech company, is raising funds via GoFundMe for the Awaj Foundation, a grassroots labour rights NGO with over 600,000 workers across Bangladesh. Aid money will go towards food, rent and other necessities to workers and their families who have lost jobs. These workers have little to no savings set aside to deal with the unexpected medical costs that a crisis of this magnitude will bring. To start, Shimmy is hoping to raise $4,000 to help at least 30 workers (the size of a Shimmy training class).


Donate to support Los Angeles' garment workers who are facing job loss, food insecurity, and dangerous and unsafe working conditions due to the Coronavirus pandemic.