Sustainable Blogs to Look Out for in 2021

There are so many ways for us to be sustainable. It’s just that sometimes we find it hard to know how to start incorporating it in our lives. Good thing, there are now sustainable bloggers that we can follow for inspiration and here are some of them.

Inhabitat – It is a lifestyle blog founded by Jill Fehrenbacher. Her blogs are all about eco-friendly designers from t-shirts to products and even buildings.

Sustainably Chic – This one is a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog. Natalie Kay shares ethically made and eco-friendly home decor, skincare and clothing.

The Good Trade ­– If you are looking for sustainable beauty products, The Good Trade will give you a list of eco-friendly shampoo, makeup, perfume and even clothes.

Style Destino – When it comes to ethical fashion and lifestyle, you can get tons of ideas from Style Destino. It is a blog showing that fashion can also be vegetarian yet luxurious at the same time. It also offers some shopping and styling tips.

Being sustainable isn’t impossible. We just need to have the urge to start changing our bad habits. That way, we can save the environment and live in a healthier world.

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