The Emergence of Queer and Sustainable Fashion

While some people think that queer style is just a trend, it is more than that. It can be considered as a social revolution. This is the reason why designers and brands have started narrowing down sexual division in fashion.

This kind of fashion breaks down stereotypes. Nowadays, we can see men wearing clothes with plunging necklines and women sporting moustaches. After all, queer fashion is all about non-conformity to gender. Hence, there are no specific rules to follow and people can just freely express themselves.

Companies have also started having queer people as the face of their brand. Designers have started designing clothes without a specific gender in mind. This has been quite a challenge since the main categorizations of clothes are broken down into women’s and men’s.

Aside from being gender neutral, brands have also started shifting towards sustainability. To prevent overstocking, shirts have been repurposed. Garments are also made from deadstock fabrics. Clothes have become more versatile, comfortable and can be worn by all genders.

This year, the Queer Liberation March will be held on June 27. Just like the previous years, it will not have uniform police marching and corporate sponsors. The goal of this march is social justice and freedom.

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