Become an Ambassador

By joining our Ambassador Program, you will become a part of our community that is focused on sustainable fashion. You will be connected with like-minded people from the different parts of the world, giving you the opportunity to empower yourself and others.

We engage in meaningful conversations from the people who make our clothes to the impacts that the fashion industry has on the environment. We assure you that being one of our ambassadors will be worthy of your time and effort.

What does an ambassador do?

  • Host events that will enlighten the world about the ugly sides of fashion and how we can help make it better.
  • Participate on panels and contribute to our campaign’s growth.
  • Form lasting bonds with the community.
  • Learn skills to help you become a better leader from our team.
  • Participate in our mentorship activities.

The perks of being an ambassador

  • Unlimited networking opportunities.
  • Sneak peeks to our future endeavours.
  • Amazing discounts from brands.
  • Exclusive invites.
  • Access to our resources and community channels.

If you are passionate about sustainable fashion, we warmly welcome you to our community. Let’s learn and grow together and make an impact through our collective efforts.

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