Is Hemp Clothing a Sustainable Choice?

hemp clothing

Since the legalization of cannabis in most countries, people have been tapping into the many benefits of the plant. Aside from the use of CBD, The Island says, people are also starting to adopt hemp clothing as a better option than regular clothing, helping to sustain the environment and contributing to the growth of the cannabis industry.

What’s Hemp Fabric?

Hemp fabrics are essentially obtained from the hemp plant. It is obtained from hemp stalks which contain no THC. When processed, these stalks are transformed into hemp fabrics used in producing clothing like dresses, jackets, beddings, and several others.

Surprisingly, hemp clothing has been in existence for quite a long time. Very few people wore hemp clothing because of the negative perception most people had of anything relating to cannabis. However, they’re just starting to gain popularity following the legalization of cannabis.

Aside from being a fashion trend, there are actually advantages that come with wearing hemp clothing.

These include:


One of the advantages of hemp clothing is that it is usually long-lasting. Hemp is known to have strong tensile strength. These are a lot stronger than those cotton. Hence, hemp clothing tends to last more than clothes made from other fibre materials. They’re able to withstand the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun, chemicals from bleach and other washing detergents, mildew, and so on. They can endure multiple washes without showing any form of wearing out.


Most hemp clothing is very great on the skin. They’re usually hypoallergenic and soft on the skin. With hemp fabrics, there is little or no form of allergy. Unlike other fibres, hemp clothing is extremely smooth on the skin and gets even softer over time. It is breathable and absorbs heat quite well without irritating the skin.


Another known advantage of Hemp clothing is that they’re odour resistant. Hemp clothing usually has a very high amount of antimicrobial properties. These microbes prevent the buildup of bacteria that may cause odour. Hence, hemp clothing is great for people who deal with some form of body odour.

Easy Maintenance

Hemp clothing has a soft texture, making it easy to wash. If you prefer hand-washing your clothing, then hemp clothing is a great choice because they’re very easy to wash and maintain. Whether hand or machine-washed, hemp clothing does not lose shape or texture. They do not require too much effort to keep clean and dry quite fast. You can wash your hemp clothing overnight and wake up to a dry, ready-to-wear outfit.

Environmentally Sustainable

Another advantage of Hemp clothing is that they’re environmentally sustainable. The production of regular clothing usually adds to the carbon footprint in the environment. Hemp clothing production, on the other hand, reduces the chance of global warming since it doesn’t produce any carbon emissions. Aside from that, hemp clothing is usually made from 100% plant-based fabric, unlike regular clothing that uses synthetic fibres. Hence they don’t contain any form of chemicals. Hemp clothing is also biodegradable, hence reducing waste.

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