The Fight for Democracy of Garment Workers in Myanmar

Almost 60 workers were massacred in Hlaingthaya on March 24. This all happened when hundreds of tanks were marched into Hlaing Tharyar. The workers were trapped inside and massacred. The biggest concern that garment workers have is their safety, especially when they go to work as the military shoots everyone that they see on the road.

Women garment workers then started leading the fight for democracy. According to women union leaders, the wages for the workers were reduced because of COVID and the slowdown of the economy. There has also been an increase in violence because of one’s gender.

Although the protests have been peaceful, workers can’t help but worry about their safety. In fact, on the peaceful protest that happened last March 16, about 60 people died and thousands of people were arrested and injured. Because of this, factories have shut down. Some companies also demand their workers to work overtime.

Most of the protestors are young women fighting for democracy despite the risk of getting arrested and hit by bullets. Also, brands have not given them financial support. Garment workers want suppliers to stand with them, especially since many have already moved to rural areas even without pay.

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