Sustainable Brands by Women of Color

Oftentimes, the face of sustainability is someone white. However, we shouldn’t forget that sustainability should be for people of all colors. Below are some brands by women of all colors.

Brother Vellies

This brand is based in New York City. Its founder, Aurora James works together with artisans all over Africa. They are focused on offering distinctive footwear.

Omi Woods – This brand has a connection with the African diaspora. Each of their pieces is ethically made with gold, diamonds, and gemstones.

Wasi Clothing – The founder of this brand is Vanessa Acosta, an American-Bolivian designer. They source all of their textiles in South America and they offer clothing for all colors, ethnicities, genders, and sizes.

House of Aama – This brand designs garments with references from archival analysis and historical research. So, you can expect that each garment has a story to tell.

Bourgeois Boheme – Their cruelty-free footwear for both men and women is what sets them apart from their competitors. Not only are their footwear stylish but they are practical as well. This brand is based in London and they work with the artisan in Peru.

These brands only go to show that you can run a brand successfully regardless of your color.

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